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Baldwin Supplier 5-29-15

May 29, 2015

May Baldwin Supplier

Final Columns Poured for Vikings Stadium
Look for the Positive and Create Magic
By: Dave LaRue
Years ago, my father-in-law taught me a great lesson in life. Even when something happens in your life that's not ideal, it’s important to search and ask the questions to find something that could be good within the experience. My pep talk when I'm delivered one of these challenges is, "Well, this sucks, but if I can find something good … what is it?" READ MORE »
Affiliated Distributors
The first phase of Bearing and Power Transmission (BPT) Division formation is complete for Affiliated Distributors. READ MORE »

Exciting news! A new Baldwin Supply Company Branch in Wisconsin will be announced in the near future.
Stadium Update
The new Vikings stadium reached another major milestone earlier this week with the pouring of the last vertical concrete column. Over the last 16 months, thousands of concrete trucks poured over 17,500 cubic yards of concrete that make up 1,200 concrete columns on the stadium site. If placed end to end, the concrete columns would stretch approximately 5.3 miles. (Credit to www.vikings.com.) MORE PHOTOS »
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Baldor•Dodge® power transmission products offer reliable service and low maintenance to help reduce your total cost of ownership. READ MORE »
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