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Autogard 820 Series Torque Limiter

December 21, 2015

New Rexnord Torque Limiter

This month, we are introducing the Autogard® 820 Series Remote-Reset (RR) Torque Limiter product extension to the North American market. This patent-pending feature is a first-of-its-kind option, and allows users to reset critical drives from a distance, eliminating traditional, hands-on labor requirements. This innovation can reduce anywhere from minutes to hours of downtime for manufacturers in heavy-duty industries, such as energy, metal processing, mining & aggregates, automotive, food processing, and pulp & paper. The product can be installed independently or as a retrofit upgrade to existing Autogard 820 Series Torque limiters.

What is a torque limiter?

Torque limiting devices provide torque overload protection on drives that are susceptible to jams and crashes. These include common applications found in the steel manufacturing and mining industries.

What is Remote-Reset?

The Remote-Reset function on our Autogard 820 Series Torque Limiter allows plant personnel to remotely reset their drive and get back to work. This can be completed quickly without the necessity to be near the torque limiter, reducing downtime and removing the need to have personnel on site. This could be accomplished by the flip of a switch, push of a button, or click of a mouse.

How soon can my customer place an order?

Now. The product is now active in SAP, and pricing will soon be distributed to Customer Care personnel across Rexnord.

To learn more about this exciting new product, click on the newly created resources below:

·         A 2-minute introductory video on the product’s ease of use (click here).

·         A 15-minute pre-recorded webinar with Rob Hucker, Product Manager (click here).

·         Autogard 820 Series Remote-Reset Torque Limiter product sheet (TQE5-001_LTR).

·         Autogard 820 Series Remote-Reset Torque Limiter FAQs brochure (PT5-008).

·         ShareFile link with digital copies of the promotional materials mentioned above (click here).