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Referability Habits and BSC Ground Rules

February 23, 2016

Baldwin Supply strives to abide by these habits and guidelines


Referability Habits

1) Be on time. If you’re not punctual, people feel their time is not important to you. Show up on time or early. 
2) Do what you say. The world is full of people who talk a good game when they’re in the sales mode, but then fall short of their promises. Back up your statements with good follow through, and people will respect you and want to do business with you again. 
3) Finish what you start.
How many of us know great starters, but not great finishers? It’s easy to begin, harder to finish. It’s fun to close the deal, but less exciting to follow up on the paperwork and the delivery. If you finish what you start, people will recognize this and your reputation will precede you (in a good way). 
4) Say please & thank you.
Be courteous. View the receptionist as an ally, not as an obstacle to get to the decision-maker. Write a thank you note after the sale. The little things can help you or hurt you. 

Baldwin Supply Company Ground Rules

1.      We do what we say we are going to do

2.      We strive to be on time every time 

3.      We value and appreciate everyone we work with

4.      We finish what we start

5.      We treat others the way we want to be treated

6.      We take responsibility for our commitments, large or small

7.      We take responsibility for our actions

8.      We set high standards and strive for continuous improvement

9.      We support each other

10.  We strive to be positive in all situations