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Carlisle Betls by Timken

February 24, 2016

Carlisle Belts by Timken

Carlisle Belts is proud to now be part of the Timken family. The Timken Company added Carlisle Belts to its power transmission portfolio in September 2015. Timken engineers, manufactures and markets bearings, transmissions, gearboxes, belts, chain and related products. Belts will continue to be sold under the Carlisle brand name.

Several new Carlisle Belts by Timken have recently been introduced.

PantherXT is a powerful alternative to chain and a drop-in replacement for polyurethane belts. PantherXT is formulated for enhanced performance and strength.

•              High modulus carbon fiber cord with high tensile strength for increased durability

•              Engineered low friction fiber tooth fabric is abrasion resistant for extended belt life

•              HSN rubber compound combines high elasticity and hardness for improved performance

•              Heat resistant (up to 120°C / 248°F)

Aramax Xtra Duty Belts are designed for outdoor power equipment. The high performance construction features a brown smooth clutching cover and strong aramid cord. Aramax delivers more horsepower, less stretch and longer service life.

•    Smooth clutching cover for shock loaded, backside-idler driven equipment

o    Superior clutching fabric

o    Increased thread count

o    Resistance to rollover 

•    Aramid tensile cords

o    Reduced stretch

o    Increased strength and durability

Gold Ribbon and Power-Wedge Cog-Belts are now made of EPDM.  Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a synthetic rubber with outstanding properties.  EPDM is:

•              Durable                                                                         

•              Oil and heat resistant (-50° to +250°F)

•              Static conductive

•              Resistant to hardening and glazing

Carlisle Belts by Timken are of the highest quality and backed by an Iron Clad Guarantee. Along with the Baldwin Supply Company, our focus is always on quality, performance, service, durability and value.