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My Birthday Wish for You

July 26, 2016

My Birthday Wish for You by Dave LaRue

Birthday time for me! A time to reflect on where I've been, where I am, and where I want to go!

The results and blessings of being in the habit of working on creating a happy and great life are so abundantly present when you get to a new age milestone each year. You can arrive with a smile on your face, not wishing you had done more (or less!), but embracing your life each day. Those attitudes and habits set up a true "Happy" Birthday. 

One of my favorite coaching concepts in my repertoire is The Conversation. In it I ask my clients who they would most like to have a conversation with right now. Anyone, living or dead, at any point in their life (like a parent when they were your age, for example). It's interesting to see whose counsel or perspective you choose relative to what occasions, opportunities and decision are present in your life. 

What if you could have a conversation with yourself when you were 10, 20, 30 or maybe even 40 years younger? What advice would you give yourself? What questions would you ask yourself? How would you feel about yourself? The answers to these questions can help you take ownership of your life's journey. 

Learning from your life lessons can bring clarity to "the why" of your spirit, and can help create a more meaningful future 1, 5, 10, 20, even 30 years from now. How do you see a discussion like this going? If you are anything like me or my coaching clients, your answers will likely inspire and motivate you to get busy creating the stories you want to be able to tell your future self. These stories help you express and understand your goals and your purpose, and will help you have a more joyful and meaningful life. 

I recently had one of these conversations. I spoke with myself when I was 25. My answers made me cry! I turn 60 next week which for me and many is a big milestone! When I was 25, my son, Rob, was just turning 3 years old, and Jennifer, my 1st daughter, was on her way. Michelle came when I was 30! 

At 25, I had a strong desire to be a great dad and a successful businessman. But what was obvious to me, talking to that young man, was that I was always in a hurry. I believed that money was a key important ingredient to having a happy life. 

Now, at 60, while I do enjoy having the freedom wealth gives me, that conversation with my 25-year-old self really drove home that love, wonderful relationships, and amazing friends and family in my life are what make me smile and give me true happiness. 5,10,15 years from now, I want to be surrounded by the same amazing people who bring and have brought so much love and joy to my life. 

The love and laughter and support of friends and loved ones make our years worth so much more than the time they exist in. I'm humbled by my gratitude the second I start to think about it. May all of your years be fuller than the measure of your hours. That's my birthday wish to you. 


Dave LaRue