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July 26, 2017

Baldwin Application Insight

Baldwin Application Insight

Baldwin conveying specialists have discovered a performance flaw with some types of packaging machines. In some cases the belt covers do not match well with product being conveyed. For example, box taping machines sometimes jam because the belt cannot pull the product through the machine. 

Solution: Baldwin has worked with Esbelt to properly apply their new Aster 24QF belts. The 24QF offers maximum flexibility in a belt with a heavy cover and small minimum pulley diameter capability. When we install this belt it provides ample grip to pull packages through each stage of the machines

Potential applications:

Corrugated Box – folding, stacking, compression and feeding of cartons and blanks.

Materials handling – Inclines, declines and gapping conveyors where speed up & slow down conveyors are used to create a gap between parcels. 

Packaging - Case sealing in feed and compression belts, taper applications, case filling, labeling.