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AD Member Sales up 10% Through First Six Months of 2017

August 1, 2017

AD Members Sales up

Wayne, PA – AD, the over $30 Billion contractor and industrial products wholesale buying / marketing group, reported sales for all AD members, across ten AD Divisions and three countries grew by 10% during the first six months of 2017 to $17.8 Billion. Purchases from AD Suppliers grew by 16%. Distributions to Members were up 15%.

On a Same Store basis, by industry, Electrical sales were up 10%; PHCP was up 8%; Industrial / PT were up 9%; and Building Materials was up 19%. By country, Same Store sales in the U.S. grew 8%; Canada was up 9% and Mexico grew 6%.

Bill Weisberg, AD’s Chairman and CEO comments on the results, "2017 is exceeding expectations for AD Members and AD overall. Member support for AD Supplier Partners and AD programs are running strong. New Members and Suppliers are joining every Division. There are a lot of great companies in AD. Investments we’ve made to help our Members and Suppliers compete and win are bearing fruit."

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