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Exciting New Additions to the Baldwin Supply Team

December 20, 2018

Additions to the Baldwin Supply Team


Adam LaMere

Account Sales Manager (Minneapolis, MN)


Phone: 612-387-4807


Chris Hunt

Account Sales Manager (Appleton, WI)

Email: chunt@baldwinsupply.com

Phone: 920-570-7526


Lacey Rapp

Account Sales Manager (Sioux Falls, SD)

Email: lrapp@baldwinsuppy.com

Phone: 605-977-4561


Abby Groves 

Marketing Coordinator (Minneapolis, MN)

Email: agroves@baldwinsupply.com

Phone: 612-324-1934


Natasha Magill

Purchasing (Minneapolis,MN)

Email: nmagill@baldwinsupply.com

Phone: 612-692-5301


Jason Miller

Account Sales Manager (Fargo)

Email: jmiller@baldwinsupply.com



Patrick Murray

Account Sales Manager (Minneapolis, MN)

Email: pmurray@baldwinsupply.com



Paul Webskowski

Automation Sales (Minneapolis, MN)

Email: pwebskowski@baldwinsupply.com

Phone: 612-692-5351