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Baldwin Branch Highlight: St Cloud

November 4, 2019

Baldwin Branch Highlight: St Cloud

Baldwin Supply St. Cloud has served Central Minnesota to Alexandra and West to Willmar since opening their doors in 2013.

The 8th Baldwin Supply location specializes in exceptional customer service. “Our customers truly do view our team as their ‘Preferred Business Partner,’’’ says Jon Langdok, Branch Manager.

Langdok, who has been with the company for 6 years, added that he loves working for Baldwin because of the “independent distribution model allows for each location to run their business the most effective way possible to take care of their customer base. We basically are our own entrepreneur team acting and reacting to the local customer base.”

The depth of experience and knowledge that comes with our long track record of addressing the needs of so many different customers, with their own unique situations, across so many different industries is truly an asset.  These valuable insights make it possible for our team to continue to preserve Baldwin’s reputation for going above and beyond.

“We have a great team that is ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get the work done!”