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Baldwin Supply Legends: Ron Herem

October 19, 2020

Baldwin Supply Legends: Ron Herem

Baldwin Supply wanted to take the time to highlight another Baldwin Supply legend, Ron Herem. Please enjoy Herem's journey with Baldwin Supply below.

"I started at Baldwin in September of 1995. At that time Baldwin only had one location in downtown Minneapolis, currently the corporate headquarters. 

Bill Chapman hired me as the sales manager. I recall after being with Baldwin for some time, Bill called me into his office and showed me a letter of resignation as the VP of sales, and said one of these days I'm going to turn this in.. I was taken back at the time and wondered what I had gotten into. Bill did eventually turn that letter in. I succeeded him as the VP of Marketing and Business Development. During that time Baldwin opened its first branch location in Owatonna, MN. I remember having to do a lot of convincing that we should open another location to service customers from somewhere other than Minneapolis. I recall many conversations with Dave LaRue after work and into the evening. Dave is  a quick start and I'm a fact finder by nature, I remember Dave saying one day "Ron do you have enough facts to make a decision?"  When I was stuck on something and needed ideas all I had to do was ask Dave. We knew each other's strengths and how to work together. 

When I retired from Baldwin we had grown to ten locations and added service capabilities to the products we sold. The growth came from both internal expansion and strategic acquisitions. The growth wasn't  always rosey and we had to survive some trying times (9/11,  the 2008 recession, not to mention the implementation of a new computer system).  We managed to survive because of the great team of coworkers at Baldwin. I enjoyed being a small part in helping the company to grow and expand, it was great fun. I hope that Baldwin will continue growth and prosperity for many years to come.

Baldwin has been blessed with having great employees and the best coworkers I have had the pleasure to work with. Baldwin allows them to be empowered and accountable and trusts them to do the right thing. It's not about perfection but about progress, embrace the change."

Thank you Ron Herem for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the years for Baldwin Supply!