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Baldwin Supply Legends: Rick Raymond

November 17, 2020

Baldwin Supply Legends: Rick Raymond

As Baldwin Supply continues to celebrate our historic 100th year in business, we are taking the time to highlight another Baldwin Supply legend, Rick Raymond. 

"There were many things I enjoyed about Baldwin, but probably the thing I liked best was the freedom to be yourself. You were never micro managed and were able to work and make decisions on you own. This always made me feel a great sense of accomplishment."

During his 45 years at Baldwin Supply, Rick Raymond made an incredible impact. During his tenure Rick wore virtually every hat within the organization. He started his career on April 1, 1972 in the warehouse at Baldwin Supply-Minneapolis, he would go on to customer service, outside sales, belt manager, and spent the last couple decades as the VP of IT. 

"I believe the main lesson I learned working at Baldwin was that if you work hard you can have fun and accomplish great things. Over the years I worked with many great colleagues, all of which contributed to the success and fun atmosphere at Baldwin. We all worked hard but had a great time doing so. Hard work, fun and success that’s a great combination."

"If I were to give advice to a new employee it would be that if you work hard, be yourself and have fun you can accomplish great things for both yourself and Baldwin."

Rick’s unparalleled industry knowledge and loyalty to Baldwin Supply will be greatly missed. Rick retired on August 1, 2017. Thank you Rick for the amazing impact you made on Baldwin Supply!