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Baldwin Supplier 7-29-2014

July 29, 2014

July 2014 Baldwin Supplier





Baldwin Supplier
Playtime in South Dakota
When you’re able to do what you love around other people doing what they love, communication feels effortless. You’re more productive than ever, but it feels less like work. That’s because it’s what humans are best at: play. So a phrase I can’t help but use when I ask people to get into the frame of mind necessary to work with me when I’m leading a team or coaching is “play with me.” READ MORE »
BSC’s B2B eStore is Live
Stadium Watch:
Construction Continues …

Progress continues at a rapid pace. The third largest crane in the world is currently being assembled.

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All Bearings Are Not Created Equal 
The makings of a better mounted bearing
The New Maxum XTR
Concentric Speed Reducer 
Baldor Electric Company introduces an expanded line of heavy-duty concentric reducers in a full range of 9 sizes. The grain, bulk materials, steel, paper, waste water, and other heavy industries demand high reliability and recognize the importance of uptime by specifying products that:

  Extend life
  Increase productivity
  Lower costs
  Prevent unexpected downtime

Baldor•Dodge® power transmission products offer reliable service and low maintenance to help reduce your total cost of ownership. READ MORE »
Fenner Dunlop
Fenner Dunlop's top priority is to supply safe, dependable conveyor belting by partnering with its Total Conveyor Solutions Distributors (TCSDs), such as Baldwin Supply Company, to support a wide range of industrial markets, together offering the option of total, 24/7 turn-key service and solutions. READ MORE »
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