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Baldwin Poultry

February 6, 2015

baldwinpoultry.com is now live! Place your orders today

Baldwin has been around for almost 100 years and we, like you, have suppliers. Like you, we know that not all of them were created equal. You know how frustrating it is dealing with suppliers who carry the parts you need, but can't help you out with real answers. They can't offer help or insight into your specific situation because they're just selling parts. They have no experience in the field and no real knowledge of how you actually use their products.
Baldwin Poultry Supply is different. Our staff understands what you are looking for. They know what to ask in order to understand what will work in your situation. You know that one bearing that keeps failing and no one has the time to find out why? That motor that fails too often? That belt that keeps getting brittle and breaking. After all this time, the odds are we’ve already helped someone else get through your issue or something similar as part of the the growing pains of seeing what works and what doesn’t as you upgrade and expand an operation.
We’ve got trained specialists in bearings, motors, gearboxes, chain, sprockets, v-belts, conveyor belts of all kinds.  We’ve also got trained specialists who handle electrical controls. At Baldwin Poultry, we are here to save you money by providing not only competitively priced parts, but priceless solutions. Baldwin Poultry isn't just another supply house. We are here to solve problems. We will come to your site if possible to look at your problem. Or we can work with photos sent to us.
It's part of aiming "To Be Recognized By You As Your Preferred Business Partner"
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