For three generations Baldwin Supply has operated under the principle that the secret to success is helping our customers succeed.

As we helped our customers meet the challenges of building and growing their operations, we grew with them. Just as our customers became leaders in their industries, Baldwin became one of the leading privately owned, independent industrial suppliers in the country. We now have twelve locations with local inventories across the Upper Midwest, supporting local economies and offering convenient stocking locations.

The spirit of entrepreneurialism that makes our country, our customers, and our company so successful is nurtured and embodied in our dedicated, loyal team. The depth of experience and knowledge that comes with our long track record of addressing the needs of so many different customers, with their own unique situations, across so many different industries is truly an asset. These valuable insights make it possible for our team to continue to preserve Baldwin’s reputation for going above and beyond.

In the one hundred years since Baldwin Supply started out in a one-room storefront, serving the needs of the flour mills of Minneapolis, to where we are today, offering a wide array of products and services to an incredible diversity of industries, we’ve come to understand that digging deeper and going the extra mile to solve problems for our customers is more than a matter of “value-added”—it’s a matter of staying true to the values that have led to our success as a company.

We, at Baldwin Supply, are not out to reinvent the wheel - or the conveyor belt. We just want to continue to do what we do best: provide our services to our customers so that they can succeed in doing what they do best.

By doing so, we hope —
"To Be Recognized By You As Your Preferred Business Partner"

A History of Independence and Service

For over a century, Baldwin has been providing quality products, services, and expertise for generations of customers and clients, and has grown to become one of the leading privately owned industrial suppliers in the country. Now operating in twelve locations across the Upper Midwest, the company remains true to its spirit of independence and being part of the local communities it supports.

Ultimately, one of the reasons Baldwin Supply Company has earned the trust of its customers is its commitment to strong community values. As owner and CEO Dave LaRue puts it, “business is only as good as the people in the business.” The technology of industry has changed dramatically since the company began, “but we’ve always stayed a bit old-fashioned in the sense that we really care about the relationships with our vendors, and we care about the relationships with our clients and customers, but I think we really care mostly about each other,” he says. “I think that’s why we’ve been able to survive and thrive,” he adds, “we’re real clear on who we are.”

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