Baldwin Light Weight Belting can custom fabricate all your light weight belting needs with the most advanced, high capacity belt fabrication equipment in the industry. Our unique capabilities and experienced staff allow us to customize the highest quality product for you. Light weight belts can be fabricated with special cleating, v-guiding, flanges and punching to match your exact application. Baldwin Light Weight Belting is able to finalize a project with complete installation and testing for optimal belt performance. We are there to support you after the sale, with 24/7 field installations, fully equipped mobile service, and comprehensive plant surveys.

Automated Belt Shop

  • Two 84" large capacity slitters
  • Custom timing belt/ v-belt covers
  • Roller lagging
  • Multi-gang slitter
  • Belt lacers
  • 10 -  ton die cut press
  • Belt perforating equipment
  • Automated cleating and v-guiding 
  • Splicing equipment 
  • Finger cutter
  • Ply separator 
  • Multiple air & water cooled presses 



  • Field Installation 24/7
  • Fully equipped mobile service
  • Comprehensive plant surveys
  • Belt testing and application consulting
  • JIT delivery

Other Capabilities

  • Belt Lacing
  • Belt Slitting
  • Cleating
  • Custom Covered Belts
  • Punching
  • Die-Cut Parts
  • Flat Belt Covering
  • Endless Belts
  • Finger Cutting 
  • Flanges
  • Perforating 
  • Grinding
  • PT Belts
  • Notching 
  • Ply Separating